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MBDA supports first virtual Career Exhibition

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) supports first virtual Working World Exhibition hosted by Inkanyezi Events - an annual event designed to empower and position learners for the world of work. The career expo is available on from the 13th to the 14th of August 2020. This historic exhibition forms part of MBDA’s Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading (SPUU) component, which entails a Youth Employment promotion element. MBDA’s Project Manager, Lerato Muzah said, “The Working World Exhibition is a powerful, resourceful and comprehensive tool for reaching and equipping South Africa’s growing school-leaving youth.” The MBDA is making the exhibition possible by availing the Helenvale Resource Centre, laptops, WIFI and facilitators to assist learners to navigate the Working World Exhibition virtually. The Exhibition repackages the essential components of a Career guidance programme into an interactive experience that learners can identify with and find meaningful. Career resources such as experts sharing opportunities in careers of skills shortages, bursaries and entrepreneurship, seminars as well as the Workbook make up the programme for each session. “The Helenvale Resource Centre is converted into a virtual exhibition space for the youth to acquire career guidance and opportunities, which is projected on two screens. 10 laptops are set-up and managed, to provide the opportunity for the youth to interact and have discussions with the exhibitors. Each participant is allowed to access the expo via laptop and wifi connectivity with a slot of 20mins. 8-10 participants are serviced at a time. All of this is achieved under strict Covid-19 precautionarty measures,”added Muzah. “Each session takes 30 minutes and commences from 10h00 until 14h00. Over 30 young people that we have been in communication with via social and telephone calls are in attendance,”concluded Muzah.