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Mandela Bay Development Agency | Nelson Mandela Bay | Port Elizabeth | Uitenhage | Despatch | South Africa

  Annual Report 2015/2016

2017-06-12 11:10:43 AM


The MBDA has achieved commendable success since its establishment in 2003, with investments in its projects having yielded visible results and value for the people of Nelson Mandela Bay.

While on the whole, the Metro failed administratively in recent years to meet the expectations of citizens and industry, the Mandela Bay Development Agency contrastingly proved itself the proverbial jewel in the crown regarding service delivery. Expansion of the Agency’s mandate since its founding, is testament thereto. Now, with service delivery improving daily since the period under review, it is envisaged that some undue burdens placed on the MBDA may be relieved. This will better enable it to focus on its actual core business. 

Initially tasked with rejuvenation of the inner city, the MBDA steadily progressed to begin its work in the Metro’s peripheries, with a principal goal to, “attain continuity of development between the inner city, urban centres and townships”. The Singaphi Street upgrade undertaken in New Brighton laid fair groundwork for further development - including in the townships of Helenvale, Schauderville/Korsten and Veeplaas. Crucial lessons learned through these endeavours have instilled fundamental institutional knowledge - not least of all in terms of the Municipality’s partnering with SMMEs within the development context. I am confident that in the long-term, the Metro will see its “townships transformed into suburbs”. 

Investment in Constitution Hill has breathed new life into decaying architectural heritage sites and has since, been met with positive private sector investment response. Completion of the Tramways Building’s redevelopment has seen the establishment of a vibrant bi-monthly Baakens Valley Market. This has served not only in the Valley becoming user and pedestrian friendly, but also in small businesses being attracted there and supported. The positive outcomes of the Baakens Valley urban upgrades will no doubt be advanced upon as developments under conceptualization in the draft of the Port-Marina Masterplan later come to fruition. 

The New Administration has promised development that sees the economy diversified. I am pleased that MBDA planning for its future projects has focused on seeing the Metro economy diversified. Upcoming development of the Telkom Park/Happy Valley precinct, together with the intended redevelopment of Bayworld offers much for citizens and local business to look forward to. Through the planning achieved in the period under review, these projects are well positioned to commence as scheduled for future promotion of the heritage, cultural and creative economy - in conjunction with tourism - as tools for economic growth and creation of visited public spaces. It is our intention to see the Telkom Park/Happy Valley, Port-Marina and Bayworld upgrade developments maximized upon to become key differentiators of Nelson Mandela Bay as a city of choice for investment, recreation and residence. 

People-focused development is a firmly established cornerstone of the New Administration’s planning and delivery. The MBDA’s sound public participation record thus offers great optimism for its future undertakings as the Metro’s Development Agency.

Credit is due to the MBDA for the well-maintained relationship between the Metro and KfW Bank. I further congratulate MBDA CEO, Mr Pierre Voges, CFO Mr Ashwin Daya, their team and the MBDA Board for their consistency in receiving a clean audit – the only clean audits this city has achieved in recent years have been the MBDA’s.

The Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality wishes to thank the outgoing CEO Mr Pierre Voges for his professional service to the MBDA and the City and we wish him well for whatever the future may hold for him. 

The New Administration is taking the Metro forward and much inroads have been made since the period under review. It is without doubt that as further progress is made, the MBDA’s role will continue to prove invaluable to the success of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Thank you,